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IST256 Programming for the Web. The focus of the course is development of rich Internet applications, and exposure to a range of design and development tools and techniques for the World Wide Web. Take a look at the video introduction to the course and unit 1.

Please note: For SPR15 semester there is no required "student introduction discussion forum post as mentioned in the video. Also, you will see references to "IST297i", "IST251", the Angel classroom, and other past semester residue, please simply overlook this as I have not had the chance just yet to update the course intro video. For current specifics in the class and classroom policy for SPR15, refer to the course syllabi listed under Course Materials. Only the pdf available here is the binding doc for SPR15, not the images in the video.


Video: Dr. Greg O'Toole introduces the course and unit 1. Refer to the syllabus pdf in course materials for details.


This is a hands-on course designed to help students learn to program a practical, data-driven, dynamic Web applications using contemporary, industry-leading development methods. In this course, we will cover the following major topics as much as time allows:

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • XML
  • HTTP and other protocols
  • Web-markup and display languages, basic web page construction
  • Client-server architectures
  • Client-side and server-side programming
  • Data-driven websites
  • Information architecture
  • Standards and standards bodies
  • Managing an organization's Web presence
  • Web vulnerabilities/security
  • Code Repositories/Versioning

Please note: There are two (2) sections of IST256 this semester. Both sections will use this site.


Unit Topics: 
What's Next?: 

Be sure to go to the top right of this screen to review the course materials. Feel free to download and save any of the materials that will be helpful to you during the semester.


How Do I Lab Up?

When you are ready to begin working on the labs for class, take a look at this quick video overview of Codecademy. This will give you a clarification on each of the steps in the lab completion process from registering a user account on to turning in your codecademy profile URL in the discussion forums on Please be encouraged to post any questions or comments you have in the comments module below the video. 

How do I lab up? Professor O'Toole.


What's Next?: 

Please let me know if you have questions.